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Simone Bertugno

He is equally comfortable working with space, perception and sound. These multiple interests led him to experiment and create mixed media works where sculpture, sound, technology and performance describe a path aimed at the search for a continuous expressive evolution.

To develop his research over the years, he has sustained himself with a diverse professional activity: he has worked in theaters and event scenography and on the creation of props for opera houses or cinema, as well as on interior design and decoration design using his deep knowledge and application of pictorial and graphic art techniques. He has also worked as a composer and author of soundtracks, as well as a musician and multi-instrumentalist on various musical projects.

His rich knowledge has been shared as a teacher of sculpture, employing a transdisciplinary perspective, rethinking the teaching of sculpture from its base and updating it with the aesthetic language of contemporary practices. In his artistic and professional career the knowledge and application of techniques has characterized his research and satisfied his continuous curiosity, providing him with new tools and completing him as an artist.

For further information on his exhibition activity and work, visit: www.simonebertugno.com


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