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With its activities, FBM wants to expand the cultural ecosystem, proposing the production of new ethical and aesthetic signs, in a continuous dialogue between the signifiers of current events, history and artistic heritage.
Promoting the growth of culture is the goal set by the Bertugno-Moulinier Foundation, creating links between private entrepreneurship and institutions, in a dynamic redefinition of the relationship between know-how, contemporary languages and their communicative power.

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The reticular form chosen and disseminated by FBM invites Italian and foreign, public and private institutions to share its vision and operability for the benefit of those who create, practice and participate in, produce and support the arts and cultures.

Alongside Academies, Cultural Institutes, Museums, Universities, Conservatories, schools of all levels, Foundations and art market professionals, private galleries and companies, we aim to activate a concrete and proactive synergy.

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The dialogue between art and applied arts is a continuum throughout history and the heritage of humanity.
The arts have always employed a chain of workers who utilize techniques handed down by tradition, while also being renewed and improved by new technologies. In the past, the collaboration between artists, designers and enlightened entrepreneurs made the birth of "Made in Italy" possible. This experience can and must be renewed and applied to specific areas of the arts in all its expressive forms. This goal can be achieved through the establishment of partnerships, creating a new, alternative and functional path.


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©Fondazione Bertugno-Moulinier, 2022