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Emiliano Coletta

He is an artist, sculptor and expert in modeling and casts, in the production of the resins of rubbers and plastics, and is also a ceramist.

He was a founding partner in 1999 of Mazzone SRL, associated painters and sculptors, a company specialized in the production of works using techniques and technologies for art. Since 2000 he has been working in the com.plot S.Y.S.tem group of independent artists. His technical skills and professional experience have led him to deal with multiple artistic languages in theatrical and cinematographic stagecraft, for events of national and international importance where the technique and tradition of the plastic and sculptural disciplines, pictorial decoration, and mechanics applied to scenography have seen the integration of new advanced multimedia technologies.

He teaches Decoration and Forming at the School of Ornamental Arts of the Municipality of Rome. Since 2010 he has taught various sculptural techniques in Rome at RUFA—Rome University of Arts—where he’s also coordinator of the Department of Visual Arts.

For more information on his exhibition activity and his work, visit: www.emilianocoletta.it


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