Fondazione Bertugno-Moulinier, in synergy with Sculture in Campo - International Contemporary Sculpture Park, in Bassano in Teverina (VT), presented the event IN OPERA / NATURE AND ARTIFICE, which also saw the support of the Fondazione Carivit. A series of artistic interventions, talks and reflections focused on the relationship that binds art, man and nature, were followed throughout the day, opening wide scenarios thanks to artistic practices and to the anthropocene.
Action-concert, 20'
With the participation of Silvia Nesi and the participation of Davide Miceli, Walter Pilato, Lorenzo Colli. 

On the occasion of the installation Giano, a sculpture by artist, composer and performer Simone Bertugno, at "Sculture in Campo", Parco Internazionale di Scultura Contemporanea di Lucilla Catania in Bassano in Teverina, (VT), there will be presented a never before shown performative action of the artist, in the form of an action and live electronic audio performance.
IANUS / ES – PAN performance was conceived as a participatory sensory experience, a rite of passage and transformation. The surrounding sound environment, "sampled" in the territory of Bassano in Teverina and in the most significant neighbouring places, is the subject of a sound mapping which is transformed and restored through a process of rewriting .
This process of rewriting ambient sound works on the frequencies (Hz) of the audible spectrum.
By slowing down and accelerating the original sound, filtered through electronics and  synthetic sound, the original audible phenomena become instruments, presenting a rhythmic or abstract dilated sound environment.  The process of appropriation, transformation and restitution of the ambient sound acts as a "mirror" to the sculptural aspect of Giano, in which the shape and the image have been subjected to a similar process of construction, deconstruction, reconstruction. 
To highlight the absolute relativity of our perception and the cyclic transformation proper to natural processes, the artist coerces sound and form by applying rules, schemes and diagrams. This is not a purely mechanical operation, but the application of a game of perspective, anamorphosis as the basis of the generative process of the work: it is precisely in this method of  application, mediated by the artist, that schema, laws and forces are cancelled, producing something beyond itself, and another possible nature.

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