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Claudia Schioppa

"I have known Claudia Schioppa since she was my student at High School specializing in art. I was faced with a 14-year-old girl, full of creativity and ideas to organize, to put into shape. She had a
strong personality and a desire to express herself. Drawing was already her expressive medium and an unfettered imagination guided her. I met Claudia again in front of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and she asked to visit my studio. Since then she has collaborated with me on several occasions and I have followed her on her path of research and artistic growth. Now Claudia is a developed and evolving artist."

Simone Bertugno. 

Claudia lives in Milan, Italy, and is finishing her master's degree at Brera in Art Therapy. In line with the programme of our Foundation, in order to foster the talents we follow, we contacted Oliver Ressler, an artist we esteem and with whom Simone Bertugno and Mike Watson have collaborated, for the finissage of his exhibition at Fondazione Pastificio Cerere. Mike, a member of our Scientific Committee, curated the project Transnational Capitalism Examined, the Austrian
artist's double solo show, which was held in collaboration with The Gallery Apart. We thus created a bridge between the Brera Academy, between Massimo Mazzone, professor, and Oliver.
Claudia was able to undertake a research experience at residenza Q21, a Viennain Vienna and collaborate directly with Ressler for the exhibition Barricading the Ice Sheets, held at MSU Zagreb from 30.11.2021 to 06.02.2022. We are pleased to build relationships and exchanges and to present you with our focus upon the sensitive and extraordinary work of Claudia Schioppa.

Simone Bertugno e Magali Moulinier.

Drawn to the body, Claudia makes it the privileged site of interactions with the world and its continuous transformations. The body that brings us back to the cosmos in turmoil. We find it in the artist's modus operandi: Claudia’s output ranges from installations to drawings, to the body itself. Upon and with which, the secrets of
interiority surface like small gems to be collected. Her poetic research does not dwell on a specific medium: the body becomes medium, existential flurry and ceaseless mutability, continuous metamorphosi

"I met Claudia Schioppa eight years ago. It was not immediate closeness, but built up to a continuous exchange of thoughts, images, advice. In this shifting time frame of contiguous growth, mutual pursuits were woven together, until they joined in a collaboration that is still ongoing.

'I found a kindred soul,' is said when feelings align, bodies are understood. I look at Claudia's drawings in which thick lines dark as night, tangle in the center of my stomach.

"(...) the sky is a sphere traversed by upward and downward paths, recognizable by the grooves of the wheels, but at the same time turning in the opposite direction to that of the solar chariot; it is suspended at a dizzying height above the lands and seas seen there at the bottom(....)". 1

I take a quote, an image of the stars, in order to bring out the work of this artist, an inne movement that matches a movement of the outside and of a body that vibrates to this orchestral density.  Return to the self flowing in two directions in which I recognize myself: one, centripetal
movement inward (like touching the soul), one outward (like touching the world), confluent movements. This gushes into the sign, into the hand that traces its presence. Here the imaginary is a place of the possible to which we continually return with bodily torsions an nocturnal thoughts. It is the abode of the not-yet, where the real, for the artist, is given rigins and possibilities for transformation. All this quivers and throbs through thought, words, body and marks on paper.
I conclude by offering the poetic quest of this artist a movement that finds in spiralities its favorite form. A spiral that returns to the center and then, as a counterthrust, spreads outward and vice versa. A movement of coming and going, like the current of the sea that carries the body-soul-world back and forth.”

Aura Monsalves Munoz

1 Italo Calvino, “Gli Indistinti Confini”, p.VIII, 1979; in Ovidio, “Metamorfosi”,  Enaudi, 2015

Oliver Ressler, “Property Will Cost Us the Earth” / 26 ink drawings on Hahnemühle Paper / drawings: Claudia Schioppa, 950 x 112 cm, 2021. Courtesy MSU Zagreb

“I don’t think it is possible to describe research as synonymous with interest, as I think it is rather a tension born out of the need to dialogue with one or more parts of the cosmos around us. However, I believe that the world around us is described by objects, but I feel that the voice of things hides secrets. I understood here that I was not alone in loving the secrets of the world, I understood that art speaks of this incessant and continuous communion with the whole and, simply, it is not possible to escape from it.”

Claudia Schioppa, interview excerpt from Venticento (07/12/ 2020)


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